Keeping Your Home Organized Through the Year

We are incredibly busy people today. So much so, that 24 hours in the day just does not seem to cut it anymore. This means that more often than not, we split our focus between two main things: our work, and our families. Needless to say, we tend to forget everything in-between, unless of course it specifically draws on our attention. Home organization is one such area, as most households now have both parents working, and in homes where small children are around, as you can imagine it resembles a war zone. And most times you are too tired to do a full clean-up on a daily basis. So what gives? Well, as it so happens there are now organizational hacks you can look out for.

Start With the Garage and Storage Space

The logic behind this is that if during an emergency you want to stash something away really quickly but not to be lost for all of eternity, then you want to be sure that the place you are temporarily keeping it in is organized. So a good idea would be to start with your garage, basement, or any other storage space you might have. Maybe consider hanging bulky items so you can leave your floor clear. For instance bicycles and other similar objects can be easily hoisted up onto the wall.

Opt For Multi-Purpose Furniture

You may or may not have heard of this, but you should know that multi-purpose furniture is all the rage now. Especially in this day and age, mainly because of how versatile it has proven to be. Sure the name alone sounds cooler than regular furniture, but they serve a much bigger role. Basically how they work is, they are designed to have compartments within them for storage purposes. Your job is to identify which items of furniture will best suit each space. So you can go for a storage bed maybe, an ottoman, or even a TV stand that is built the same way.


One of the main reasons our homes get cluttered is because we continue to load it with all sorts of junk from time-to-time. And we also do not bother trying to clear out the old junk out the back door, which means that inevitably we begin piling it all on. A good way to get this situation under control is to recycle as much as possible. In other words, try to put whatever you have lying around to second and third use. Maybe even more if possible. Recycling is not only excellent for tidying up your home, but also for the environment. Try to live more consciously.


This may not sound like a directly straightforward organizational tip, but aside from keeping your home free from junk, you are also ensuring someone needier can make use of what you want to throw away. Donating your clothes, furniture or books to charity can go a long way, and definitely helps someone else get by. Why hoard all of these items for years on end allowing them to gather dust and wither away? Put them to good use and have an annual donation periodically to help.

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