Tips and Suggestions for Working from Home Successfully

Are you someone who is hoping to work from home? Do you fear getting distracted if you do so? If this rings true with you, then the below tips and suggestions for working from home will definitely be of use to you…!


Select Your Working Area with Care

The area of your home you choose to work in is vital when it comes to working successfully. It needs to be a well-lit place that is comfortable, but not overly so. It also needs to be fairly distraction free; even if the distractions are mainly caused by you. If your home has a room separate from the rest that you don’t use for any other purpose, convert it into a home office. If you have a private enough garden and generally enjoy good or mild weather where you live, you can even work outdoors. Too much natural elements to disturb you? Consider adding a pergola to your porch so you can enjoy being outdoors, without getting affected by the elements. Pergolas prices in Adelaide is fairly reasonable, so do give it a serious thought…!

Make Sure you’re Comfortable and Well Supported

If the nature of you job requires you to be seated for a long period of time, be very sure that you choose a comfortable place to work from. Make sure the height of the table is does not affect your neck or arms. Make sure your feet are touching the ground, and that you chair is supporting your back. If you don’t pay attention to these, you’ll find yourself in pain or distracted before long, and perhaps even unable to work further.


Have Set Hours To Work In; Let Other Know Of These Times

Have a set few hours to work from home. As working from home give you the advantage of choosing the times you work, make sure to choose hours in which your creativity and energy is at its best. Avoid choosing work hours too late in the night, even if it is the time you are most creative in. instead, choose early morning hours, long before sunrise. Once you have found the hours that work best for you, make sure to let others know of these time so they don’t disturb you during these hours. Additionally, you can also ignore phone calls and doorbells during this period.


Have “Work Clothes”

Never workout or work in clothes that are not suitable for it. If you decide to work in your lounge clothes to save time, or simply because you’re feeling lazy, you’ll find it harder to concentrate. You might even wish to slouch in front of the TV or scroll through your phone instead of working.

Keep All That You Require Close At Hand

To help yourself get less distracted, try and keep whatever you will need to work close at hand. Have separate office room stationaries so you need not hunt for that which you use at other times. you should also consider having a water filter/ water bottle and coffee machine in the area where you work so you don’t wander out to the rest of your home to get a cup of coffee, and get distracted while you do so.

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