When to Obtain a Dilapidation Inspection Report

It is always recommended for contractors and developers to get a dilapidation report before they start on a new project. This is because it will be helpful in many ways, during and after your project, making it easier to perform task such as determine the methods you should use to reduce the damage to the property and helping you to restore changes to adjoining structures after the project. Here are answers to any common questions you will have about these reports.


What are Dilapidation Reports?

It is an account on the condition or the state of a property or a structure at a certain point of time. They will have all the information about the property or the structure including any damages that can be identified, the aspects of the property that might be changed or damaged during a construction, excavation or demolition. Surveys are carried on by a third party, to get an unbiased report about the buildings, structures or sites.

Who Should Get Them?

Property owners who wants to start working on their own property should get a report, as it will tell them about the weaknesses and the damages on their property, helping them to find precautionary methods to reduce and control any more damages. If there are any construction work that are happening adjacent to your property, make sure a proper record of things pre-construction is made, that will include the details about the current condition of the property.

When to Get Them?

If you a contractor or a developer planning to start a project that will involve in any construction, excavation, development and infrastructure projects, it is important to get a report to get a clear understanding about the state of the property before the project starts. This will help to prevent any disputes or conflicts that might arise as a result of any damages happened to the surrounding property. If there is a major construction project happening close to your property, it is better to get a reports before and after the project. This will help you to detect any damages that might have happened to your property as a result of the construction.


There are many benefits of these surveys. If you want to start on a new project, these surveys will provide you with all the necessary information about the property including any weaknesses. This will help you to determine the methods you should use to avoid further damage, reduce and manage the rubble and waste collected during the project, avoid further cracks on walls, avoid damages to roofs, gutters and other parts of your property. Moreover, there is always the risk of you being accused for any damages to neighbouring property. Doing a survey before the work starts will help both parties to identify whether the damages are really due to the project or has existed prior to the project. If you are an owner of a property nearby a large construction, you will be able to use the details of the survey to restore your property to its original state before the construction, if any damage or changes has been done. Therefore, if you are either an owner of a property that will be undergoing major changes or living near such property, get the service of someone who carries out surveys and prepare dilapidation reports Melbourne before and after the project work.

Getting surveys done is an important part of any major project that will result in changes to the property. It will avoid many disputes and legal issues and ensure that you carry out the project in the safest ways.

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