Why You Need Australian Select Timbers in Your Home?

Planning or refurbishing a house is, to say the least, crazy hectic, especially when faced with so many options in today’s world. We understand that you understand that, the little lady down the road that’s lived in the one and the same house for years understand that. There’s ventilation you need to look into, flooring, furnishing, color coding, aesthetic maintaining, and the list of things to be mindful of goes on.

Let us save you the hassle of going through catalogues and catalogues of ceaseless options that could eventually cause an aneurysm even to the best of us, and show you the best option we found out there, for your flooring needs. If you’re looking for versatile woods to check the boxes to your homes flooring needs, Australian select timbers store would be the perfect match for you! Before we raise an eyebrow, let’s see why you need Australian select timbers more than anything else in your home.

Durable & Classy: A Neat Way of Eloquently Saying Always and Forever

Derived from famous European oak the Grand Oak comes in a range of colors and is the latest in cheque flooring, suited for both vintage and modern aesthetics. And as Oak always does, this flooring option at 14.5mm thickness is guaranteed to stand the test of time, with its natural robustness defending against any fungal and insect infestations making it an ideal option for family homes with kids and pets. We love ourselves the little two-legged and four-legged rascals running around, and durability is not something you can afford to forego there. Quality and longevity are key folks, and we understand that!

Dime a Dozen, Here We Come

Don’t worry if you’re on a bit of a budget, because Hickory wood just might be for you, especially if you’re going for an antique look. Nothing like the ambience of an antique setting don’t you think? But that being said, regardless of whether you are more of an antiquey person or a modern minimalistic aesthete, the vibe is right with these floorings and their design. Although it’s not made of natural wood, the tongue and groove manufacturing system give it the same look and feel. It is easy to install (always a yay!) and matches up to the strength and durability of its natural cousins, which means you are not settling for less. Your pocket is sure to give you a relieving pat on the back.

Quality Check – Level 1000 Please!

It is all of our dreams to be blessed with an option to get the best quality for the best price when it comes to buying absolutely anything, be it clothes, dishes, paint for your walls or even flooring. It can be a real sucker when water gets in between those floorings, generations of our families would all agree. So if you’re looking for something to check that box too, laminate floors made with Pine hardwood, is the best option for you. Ladies and gentlemen, there should not be any compromising on quality when it comes to carpets.

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